“Eliminate Downtime and Extend the Life of your Equipment”

Complaint: Dirt contaminants (hydrocarbon); natural resistor(s) providing an alternate current path within an electronic component.

This electrical leakage causes erratic performance. Most dirt contaminants are also hygroscopic and will readily absorb moisture. Absorption of moisture increases the resistance, the conductivity of the leakage path, further compounding the problem. Most forms of dust and other contaminants are charged with static electricity, which becomes an inherent attraction to electronic equipment.


Resolution for a superior and thorough clean:

Aqueous Cleaning Method: Aqueous cleaning and low heat dry with the addition of air wash techniques.


Aqueous cleaning methods will restore “like new performance characteristics”. Where additional maintenance or calibration work is to be performed, a clean unit is easier to work on. Problems are better defined and simpler to isolate yielding a more accurate diagnosis. A thorough cleaning often eliminates unnecessary interchanging of precision components whose values have been seemingly modified by dirt leakage paths. Cleaning the unit before rendering a final diagnosis of the needed repairs and replacing parts is the most expedient procedure. Cleans components, reaching inaccessible areas to dissolve and flush away contaminants.

This process is safe for electronics as well as the environment that involves “modified” water with a special formulated detergent. Processed electronics dry residue and spot free.

Services Offered: Technologically advanced preventative and corrective precision cleaning services for all types of components and equipment.

  • Computers, Servers, Electronics and Networking Devices
  • Robotic Components and Industrial Controllers
  • Tool & Die Equipment
  • Printers, Fax Machines and Copiers
  • Machinery and Shop Equipment
  • Textiles and Safety Gear
  • Automotive and Power Tools
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • General Parts and Accessories

Technology: Our state-of-the-art ultrasonic and deionized cleaning systems can safely remove contaminants such as hydrocarbons, oxidation, grease, and other residues from even the most intricate devices.

Experience: A process for cataloguing, cleaning, and handling each device or component is followed by experienced technicians; ensuring that CPC provides consistent cleaning results on each consecutive order.

(RFQ) Request for Quote: Send us specifications on your components with photographs and we’ll provide you with an initial pricing guideline and estimated turnaround time.

Portable: Onsite cleaning services are available upon request; subject to a site review of facility capabilities and process management. Our team would be able to work in concert with your technical staff; providing minimal workflow interruption.

Value: Increase the efficiency of your technical staff by outsourcing the cleaning; which will greatly reduce the factors for troubleshooting equipment or software issues.

Savings: Eliminate downtime and extend the life of your equipment. Benefit from including CPC in your preventative maintenance schedule.

Environmentally Friendly: Aqueous cleaning methods eliminate the need for using aerosolized solvents to remove contaminants.

Try us out: Schedule an individual or group tour and bring us an item to clean. Let us show you our precision cleaning results first hand.